Friday, 22 August 2008

Causa nostrae laetitiae

And my joy this evening is caused by a present from Bruges* -images of Our Lady in delicious marshmallow. I've posted before about food as an opportunity to learn more about faith and it strikes me that this is the perfect example. It was a little strange at first nibbling these with a cup of tea, but we soon started on the tableaux: the three Marys at the foot of the cross, the empty tomb (ok, that's Mary of Magdala), the apparitions at Lourdes...

This might all seem very silly to you, but those sweets have just made two twenty four year olds spend Friday night creating scenes from Our Lady's life using household objects! Food for thought?

*Or perhaps by too much sugar


  1. I agree, this at first seems *so* wrong... But the teaching possibilities! An added incentive surely for those reticent Sunday School pupils...!?

  2. I'm very glad nobody noticed the heinous error in the Latin or perhaps you were all too polite to point it out. I'm going to go and beat myself over the head with Kennedy's Revised Latin Primer now.