Wednesday, 26 November 2008

"Buckaroo: the Sport of Kings..."*

Another distraction from the weighty concerns of the day: some board games! These offerings which I've found are both entertaining and edifying, it would seem.

There's 'Catholic - opoly' and 'Bible-opoly' (catchy names, aren't they...?), the 'Journeys of Paul Catholic Strategy Game', the 'Mary Memory Card Game' and 'Divinity' - the game which teaches you the catechism as you move around the board!

I'm sure there's a potential line in designing these games. Perhaps the General Synod could market one to raise funds. There could be a buckeroo-esque contraption onto which 'traditionalists' have to pile ammendments before it finally pops up and they all comes crumbling down. (Another suggestion was 'Trivial Pursuit'...).

On a serious note, however, there seems to be a lot of good in these (albeit somewhat 'niche') games. I wonder how many of our readers have them/use them with Sunday School pupils and so forth. Are there any others which we should know about? Answers on a postcard! Or on the back of a Mary Memory Game card, of course...

(*10 points to anyone who guess the source of this quotation.)


  1. I believe the quotation came from Fr. Ted Crilly in an episode of 'Father Ted,' where he refers to Fr. Dougal McGuire's tiresome obsession with the game!

    Apparently there is a Christmas version of Buckaroo, known as 'Buckaroo-dolph' which comes with a red nose and plastic antlers! The catchy slogan that accompanies it is....'The Mule who hates Yule!' (I kid you not!)

  2. I suspect you may be right. Unfortunately I don't think we have a prize!

    Here is Buckaroodolph:

    It's sold out too. The horror!