Monday, 17 November 2008

Christmas Shopping

Much as I should hate to pander to the aggressive consumerism which has the shops already decked with tinsel, bells and coloured lights, I have found a superb website which, if you wanted to use it for your Christmas shopping, you'd have to think about now!

This website was recommended to me by a friend and has proved useful in birthday/Christmas present ideas. It is also very reliable in delivering! There are a range of notebooks, t-shirts, hoodies, mousemats, mugs and so forth with amusing (sometimes extreme, and not in a good way) captions and illustrations. Particular favourites: 'What part of hoc est corpus meum don't you understand?', 'It's extraordinary in Latin' and 'Be a good catholic and eat some Jesus!'.
Well worth a look even if you don't intend to part with any cash!

And remember folks, as the t-shirt tells us: Jesus is the Reason for the Season: Keep Christ in Christmas! (I'm sorry - I just couldn't resist...)

NB: The Women's
Guild will not be receiving a commission for this 'ad'. Honestly.

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