Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Culinary Piety

On a recent trawl of the internet I came across this gastronomic aid: 'Cooking with the Saints'. It promises 'a variety of 170 recipes and inspiring biographies of 73 Saints' and enables you to 'Celebrate the Catholic tradition of honoring Saints with special meals and recipes on their feast days.'
Sadly there's no recipe for St. Thomas Aquinas. Instead, here's an example from the recipe for St.Agnes' day: 'Agnesenpl├Ątzchen', little biscuit sandwiches filled with apricot jam. The recipe is accompanied by the story of St. Agnes' life and a reproduction of a 6th century mosaic depicting the saint.

This strikes me as a splendid way to follow the liturgical calendar and to broaden one's culinary horizons! You can have a good look at the contents here on the amazon website.


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  1. I'm still waiting for my "biscuit sandwiches filled with apricot jam"....