Friday, 27 February 2009

Prayer and Almsgiving

Two small suggestions for Lent:

1) Send your prayer intentions to Fr Steel:

"What I am intending to do is to offer all readers the opportunity to send me prayer requests that I will bring to the Shrine of S. Cuthbert and the tomb of S. Bede every Friday during Lent at the noon hour at the Durham Cathedral. There I will pray for all the needs and requests that have been sent during each week. At the end of Lent, during the week of Easter, I am going to Rome for a retreat. I will take all of the intentions during Lent to the tomb of S. Peter and leave them there as I pray."

Contact details can be found by following the link to his blog above.

2) If you're looking for a charity to support, then consider the Archbishops' Zimbabwe Appeal, launched on Ash Wednesday:

"We need to remember those who are hungry and who are starving. And I have got a letter from a priest writing from the Bulawayo area saying he opened the door and there was seven bodies found there, died from starvation - that's terrible, to die of starvation because we haven't got enough food left." (From a BBC interview with the Archbishops which can be found in full here)

But, as they remind us, almsgiving needn't just be money:

"Interviewer: And your main call is for individual people to put their hands in their pocket and believe that they can make a difference?

ABC: They can save lives, they can definitely save lives.

ABY: And pray and fast as well."

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