Monday, 23 February 2009

Prayer by Heart II

Here is the list I have so far with thanks to all who commented:

1)Salve Regina
3)Anima Christi
4)Prayer of St Michael
5)Apostles' Creed
6)Mysteries of the Rosary
7)Regina Coeli
8)Prayer of Our Lady of Walsingham
9)Prayer of Jean Jacques Olier
10)Nunc Dimittis
11)Prayer of St Ignatius Loyola
12)Adoro te devote
13)St Augustine's evening prayer
14)Prayer of St Richard of Chichester
15)General Thanksgiving
16)Collect for aid against all perils
17)Prayer of St Chrysostom

Never mind Lent, this will keep me going all year! And then I'll start on the Latin....

(The first person to tell me the quote in the picture's wrong wins a very special prize)


  1. Someone is bound to have more detail than this.
    It is a slight mis-quote of a saying attributed to St Francis of Assisi. 'Preach the gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.'

    Still be refreshing to see it on a bus though!


  2. Yes, indeed it is.

    They'll let anyone write on a bus nowadays

    A sign of the times, one might say!