Friday, 19 June 2009

How I wish I could make these....

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Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!
Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, have mercy on us!


  1. I once made an applique Sacred Heart with embroidery using a cheap shiny cut off from something pink, which i applied to some embroidery linen, then i embroidered a crown of thorns and a cross above in split stitch, then long-and-short stiching in red orange and yellow for the flames, and then the same for a bleeding wound in one side. It looks pretty buff to me and I would have cut it out and used it on something except I'm having issues with the colours - a bit gaudy.

  2. Wow, impressive! I've just made one for a friend -it's all embroidery -cross, crown of thorns and some flames in gold (satin stitch), more flames in rose and cream (satin stitch) and the heart in a deep pinkish red (rows of stem stitch). I know what you mean about gaudy colours as mine has turned out rather gaudy too, even though I avoided the oranges and yellows for that reason. It's probably the dye used in modern embroidery thread and that it hasn't been hanging around in the sacristy of some small French country church for the past hundred years before being rescued!

    Of course, the way to avoid gaudiness is to do the whole thing in one colour (gold?) but that requires some considerable skill I think.

  3. my embroidery skill are no way good enough to do detail in one colour. I avoid satin stick where I can for that reason, and i tend to use split stich because it's kinder!

    When i was a boy, my dad used to hide my embroidery box, so I took up knitting. My grandma wouldn't have me mincing around with a knitting tote so she bought me a leather bowling-ball bag, which i took to wearing as a clutch. Ironically, both of them are now very pleased with the man I've grown up to be!