Friday, 16 April 2010


Procrastination is a terrible thing. You know you ought to be working, but the lure of constantly checking your emails, Facebook and the limitless possibilities of Google is too great. Still, this morning's foray into the virtual world has produced this: the joys of knitting.

Adorning (?!) an altar in an unnamed church:

Another treat (for those with an extended coffee/lunch/tea break) is the Catholic Knitter's Blog, which amongst other things recommends a 'Knit to Pray' scheme: .

Another excellent link - and indeed an excellent blog - is The Pious Sodality of Church Ladies who engaged in the campaign 'Scarves for Priests'.

And finally, a useful list of different charitable ventures which make use of knitting skills far and wide.

May Saint Fiacre, patron saint of knitters, pray for all knitting endeavours!

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  1. I can cast on badly and then do garter stitch so indifferently that no sensible person would admit to it but still it is neat to hear about St Fiacre.