Thursday, 1 April 2010

Maundy Thursday

After what seems like an interminable interval of 'not blogging' I felt inspired this morning to share a short meditation I found. I have a small book which I bought in a church book sale. It is very small, very old and mottled by damp. It is called 'Weekday Walking Sticks: Thoughts for Daily Meditation through the Church's Year' by G. E. Frewer, published in 1930. In the preface the author writes: 'Sundays may well be left to look after themselves; myriads of sermons are then preached [...] for holy Mother Church in the liturgical Gospels gives to her children tht portion of our Blessed Lord's teaching which is good for them to assimilate. The aim of this little book is to carry on that special message for weekday thought as affording help to those who are journeying along the difficult, though altogether blessed, road of the Christian life; and the author claims that its title, even if somewhat quaint, is neither far-fetched nor irreverent. One thing those who use it will do well to remember viz. that walking sticks do not themselves do the walking for us'.

Here is the meditation for today:

'What shall I do then with Jesus?'

We know what was Pilate's answer to his own question; what is ours? There are great alternatives - betrayal or devotion, crucifying Him afresh or ceaseless adoration. On this day of the institution of His Feast of Love I will seal my adhesion by a great pledge of devotion to Him in the Blessed Sacrament, and vow to make Him my Friend and Guide, my Strength and Food.

The Women's Guild wishes all readers a fruitful and blessed keeping of the Triduum.

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  1. Keep blogging, I miss your recipes and reflections and seasonal devotional stuff. Please keep up the women's guild!

    Ex Fide